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Founded in 1999, L & M Engenharia is a company composed by engineers with more than 35 years of experience in services and equipment projects for process, supplying the domestic and international market.

Counting with a complete line of evaporators and dryers, among other equipment and processes, we meet any requirement in the most varied fields.

From a small single-effect evaporator to a large multi-purpose unit, form a well-established process or an innovation, the goals of our projects are always to increase production efficiency, improve product quality, the efficient use of energy, and care for the environment.

ECoFluid- Concentração de Vinhaça de Cana(4).jpg

We also can provide engineering systems that meet the particular needs, whatever the application, such as fruit juice, coffee extract, alcoholic micelles, concentration of vinasse or other industrial waste.

In studies and research on new products and processes, our research and development (R & D) evaporator will be at your disposal to evaluate and determine the behavior of the product, the process and the equipment itself.

C.E. 115 ton-h Adecoagro Angelica.jpg

Our services include:

- Thermal process engineering.

- Consultancy in engineering and development of studies and projects.

- Process evaluation through experience in our research and development (R & D) evaporator.

- Process Engineering.

- Project engineering and detailing.

- Control and supervision in the manufacture of an equipment.

- Installation and / or supervision of installation.

- Startup of equipment and processes.

- Technical assistance and training for operation.

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