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ECoFluid - Fluid Concentration Evaporator


ECoFluid - Concentração de Vinhaça de Soja (3).jpg

L&M's Fluid Concentration Evaporators (ECoFluid®) are specially designed for the production of a wide variety of high quality concentrated products at minimum operating costs.

Each ECoFluid® is designed and built to order, meeting a wide range of evaporation and energy consumption capacities.

ECoFluid® evaporators use as a source of energy vapors in different pressures, such as exhaust gases, vegetable steam, boiler steam and organic vapor.

All ECoFluid® operate under the principle of "Descending Turbulent Mist (N.T.D)".

Due to the various advantages of the operating principle, ECoFluid® has been indicated for the concentration of several products, among them:

- Orange juice.

- Lemon juice.

- Tropical juices (pineapple, passion fruit etc.).

- Apple juice.

- Grape juice.

- Coffee extract.

- Vinasse form soy bean processing (molasses).

- Vinasse form sugar cane processing.

- Preconcentration of cane juice.

Another highlight of ECoFluid® is the possibility of using organic vapor (eg, alcohol distillation column) as energy source. In such cases, the systems, in addition to recovering condensate from the steam used as a heat source, generate considerable energy savings and still have low operating costs. For this reason, it has been widely accepted in plants that need to recover solvent used in the process and, at the same time, can reduce the volume of industrial waste, which is of great value for the control of pollution.

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