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We offer to the general process market a wide range of information that result in improved product quality and reduced operating costs.

All this information is a result not only of the experience acquired by its members during the more than 35 years of active participation in the market, but also by the constant updating of its members through courses, lectures and seminars. As a result, L&M Engenharia can easily achieve the best balance between experience and new technologies, resulting in creative-high-level consulting.


The main processes dominated by L & M Engenharia are:

- Concentrated orange juice, including aroma recovery.

- Pasteurized orange juice.

- Concentrated lemon juice, including aroma recovery.

- Concentrated apple juice.

- Concentrated grape juice, including flavor recovery.

- Sulphidated grape juice.

- Production of citrus pellets.

- Production of citrus essential oils.

- Processing of tropical fruit.

- Processing of red fruits (strawberry, raspberry etc).

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